Vending Machine


PharmaShop24 belongs to a new family of automatic dispensers capable of suiting any kind of business thanks to their exclusive features.

Description U. Size
Width cm 156
Depth cm 68
Height cm 199
Shelves N. 6
Lines N. 70
Machine weight kg 270
Insulation weight kg 10
Cooling system weight kg 35
Min. height between shelves cm 8,30
Min width lines cm 4
Stanby consumption w 48
Compressor consumption w 800

The machine is supplied with an ingenious system of shelves and lines with variable depths, so that every item category can be arranged and dispensed without wasting room. PharmaShop24 offers an additional capacity of 55% compared with any other traditional unit.

The machine can handle a large number of different items of any size and can be expanded up to 255 separated lines, including an additional module.


  • Anti-vandalism structure
  • Printer notes
  • Instructions display
  • Backlighted keypad
  • Banknote reader
  • Coin box with change
  • Safety display cabinet
  • Automatic lock
  • Double glazing + Anti UV filter
  • Cooling system 25°
  • GSM/GPRS Remote control


  • Roof
  • Additional selling line
  • Additional shelf
  • Anti-vandalism grating
  • Hooks and padlocks
  • Acoustic alarm
  • Mobile curtain
  • Health card reader
  • Extension kit
  • Elevator
  • Refrigerator 4°
  • Banknote reader with change