The Concept

World over Modern format of retailing is a boom and more so technologically advanced and convenience concepts are on the threshold of taking a leap. Pharmashop-24 a unique concept from ITALY is one such concept of vending machines for dispensing of OTC healthcare items, a never before opportunity in UAE.

As the Brand Name goes "It is an All-time Neighborhood solution for IMMEDIATE CARE PRODUCTS" . The concept revolves round Quality, Reliability and accessibility. Days are gone by where you need to stand in long quies at the pharmacy for your OTC products. Now the vending machine is not only a step closer to your nearest pharmacy but gives you privacy in choosing products of your choice. Are you bothered your pharmacy is not 24 hours? This allows you 24x7 access. So now OTC Health care items is a step closer to your earlier destination. After all "An Innovation at its best never before"